Details on how to order Furniture

A deposit of 50% of the price of the required items is required at the time of order with the balance due when at the time of delivery prior to shipping.

The balance is due before shipping or on delivery for local sales.

We will provide an estimate of shipping costs once we have a list of desired items and destination address.

Shipping options

a) By DHL for door to door delivery. This has the least hassle but has the greatest cost, often between 3 to 4 times that of collecting from a depot. This method is mostly used for very small orders.

b) By Air Jamaica cargo to Miami and then Forward Air truck to your nearest depot. Check their site map at for the location closest to you and let us know your selected location for a quote. You would need to arrange collection.

This is the most popular option and clients that don’t have a suitable vehicle normally rent a U haul.

c) Depending on the box size, Air Jamaica carry directly to several airports in the USA, mostly used for Miami and New York. As in option b) you would have to clear at customs and pickup by the airport.

d) By sea, consolidated or full container. This option is more common around the Caribbean where the planes used have relatively small cargo space.

The cost of shipping, which is usually close to the estimate, is due once we have left the cargo at the airport or port in Jamaica.

Payment methods

a) By credit card; we would send you our approval form for you to fill in and sign and then fax back on each transaction.

b) By bank wire; we would send you the information for wire transfer to our bank account.

c) By check; local sales only.

At Original Bamboo Factory we make purchasing bamboo furniture as easy as we can. We offer different methods of payment and shipping to make the ordering bamboo furniture a secure and easy service. We take pride in transporting bamboo furniture just as we take pride in the beautiful and unique products we produce.