Q. How durable is bamboo furniture?

A. The bamboo used in our products undergoes a rigorous treatment and curing process. Any residual odors from treatment chemicals dissipate within a short time. We guarantee our furniture for three years but, if handled in accordance with our recommendations, it is durable and lasts a very long time.

Q. What tools and instructions will I need to assemble the furniture?

A. Assembly is only required for our beds. All our beds are supplied disassembled to minimize shipping costs. Each bed will come with written assembly instructions and a list of the tools (usually just a hammer and a 3/8 inch socket spanner for the Round Hill bed) required for assembly. Each part is numbered. Bamboo dowels are included to pin the joints together.

Q. How are your beds constructed in the base?

A. Our standard beds come with hidden treated pine supports and pine slats for the platform to hold your mattress. However if you wish to provide for a box spring base we can build a custom frame to accommodate it.

Q. Can bamboo furniture be used outdoors? What maintenance does it need?

A. Bamboo furniture is susceptible to damage if exposed to sun and rain. We therefore recommend that it is not kept outdoors for extended periods or exposed to the elements. If the furniture is to be kept on a covered verandah or patio and partially exposed to the sun and rain, we recommend that either a marine spar finish (glossy) or a satin polyurethane finish (matt) be requested upon placing your order and for this, a 5% surcharge is applicable. Otherwise our standard indoor furniture requires no more maintenance than dusting with a soft cloth.

Q. What size are your beds?

A. Our standard beds are built to fit the following mattresses: twin 38”x75”, Double 54”x75”, queen 60”x80”, king 76”x80” with a thickness of 10 inches. If your intended mattress is of a different size we will custom make the bed to fit at no extra cost.

Q. What colors of finish do you offer?

A. We offer a range of colors of wood finishes including stained with shades of walnut or mahogany or painted in various colors so you should specify the type and color finish that you require. All finishes beside the natural clear lacquer attract a surcharge ranging from 3% to 5%.

Q. What type of fabric and range of fabric colors do you offer?

A. You may select from following options:

1. Our standard fabric for cushions is off white duck canvas.

2. We can source fabrics in Jamaica so please enquire if you have something specific in mind. For example, leatherette and canvas are available in a range of colors.

3. You may provide your own fabric. We would have to advise you of the quantity needed. If you choose this option, we will make an appropriate deduction from the price of the affected item.

4. If purchasing from USA, you may acquire the fabric and have it delivered to our address in Miami, Florida for onward delivery to us in Jamaica. We consider the shipping costs to be reasonable. Contact us for links to fabric stores and our Miami address.

Q. What are the cushions made from?

A. Our standard cushions are constructed with chip foam filled inner bags with the exception being the Jahva daybed which has a 5” thick solid foam base. Customers can opt, at no extra cost, for solid foam and a number request the seat part to be solid 4” foam covered with Dacron wadding.

Q. I haven’t shopped much before on line for this type purchase and hence am a little tentative. How can you best ease my concerns?

A. We can give you contact information from among our overseas customers that you would be able to email and hear what they have to say about our products and service.

Q. Do you have any overseas outlets where I can view your furniture and place an order?

A. Not at the moment but we are always open to prospective wholesale clients.

Q. Do I need to pay duty or need the services of a broker to import furniture from Jamaica?

A. The regulations vary depending on the destination country. For the USA, there is no duty on our furniture and brokers are only mandatory for orders over US$2000.00 in value.

Q. What is the procedure for ordering furniture for export that have glass or mirrors?

A. For this type of furniture, we recommend that you purchase the glass in your area. When an order is placed on this basis, we enclose a cardboard template to facilitate having the glass cut to fit the item. An appropriate deduction will be made from the price to compensate for our not supplying the glass or mirror. For items that are ordered with glass, the client assumes the risk breakage during shipping.

Q. Should I insure the shipment against loss, damage or a missing component?

A. We usually ship with Air Jamaica and Forward Air. Customers mostly do not bother to insure as it can be difficult to claim successfully. Our experience has been that we have had very few shipments where an item has been damaged and, in those cases, the carrier has immediately accepted liability and fully compensated the customer. In the unlikely event that we omit a component, we will, on request send it promptly to you by express delivery at our cost.

Q. What is the lead time for delivery from the day of completing the order?

A. It takes on average about 4 to 5 weeks to complete the order for delivery/shipment. Shipping to the USA takes about a week. It is best to enquire before ordering and be aware that US customs can result in delays at the port of entry.